15 yrs in the life of an over 40 bodybuilder

15 yrs in the life of an over 40 bodybuilder

What happened at 40?
What happened at 52?
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15 yrs in the life of a over 40 bodybuilder

Every few years I reflect on where I am today against the day I started and the path I followed, all the ups and downs in an effort to help me be real about where I came from, where I am now and where I am heading. But also, for you to realize that even though us high profile fitness guys might look invincible, we are facing life in the same way as you and have to fight the same battles, sometimes even more so.
But, even with all life is throwing at you, it is possible to keep rising after every fall. No matter how far the fall, the key is getting up and continue with the good fight harder than ever before. The moment you stop fighting to better yourself and just accept the flow of life, that is the moment that the spark of life slowly starts burning dimmer and dimmer. Be all you can be, ALWAYS!
Burn as bright as you can!

Ok, back to my journey.
Well as my followers would know, I officially started my real journey at 40. Yeah big bummer year for me. If you want to know what happened, watch the video in my description box below video with the title “What happened at 40”.
Before 40, well I’ve been working out since my late 20’s. But I simply had no idea what I was doing. And off course if you don’t know what you are doing, nothing happens! How do they say, “young, dumb and full of cum”, sadly that was I. Like most youngsters I thought I knew everything, and no one could teach me anything, ok I am exaggerating a bit, but you get my drift.
Married fairly early at 23. This is me back then (with my beautiful wife). I was a mere 64kg lightweight with very little muscle (1.75m).

Then at age 40 I was forced to get my act together, like literally my life was depending on it. At 42, our one and only baby boy arrived and well, that gave my life some serious meaning. My whole concept of love changed with my son. But, having a small kid is definitely making a body transformation more challenging. The kid becomes more important than everything else and it is easy to shift gym into the “not important” shelve. Many guys fall completely flat here. Having my backroom gym at my house definitely made it easier during the small child period to stick to my workout routine. If the little one cried, I was there to help. And sometimes he even “trained” with me.
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Happy training! Cheers…
Gert Louw