2020 Workout Plan + Channel Update!

2020 Workout Plan + Channel Update!

2020 Workout Plan!
In this video, I talk about my training plans for 2020. Video Clips are from today’s accessory workout. The workout consisted of Barbell Curls, Pull-Ups, Lateral Raises, and Tricep Extensions. The point of this workout is just to add weekly volume and hypertrophy. My main compound lifts are performed Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

My home gym equipment

Squat Rack(s)

My squat rack/bench combo is no longer sold on amazon. Here are some other budgets racks with good reviews.

#1 –
#2 –
#3 –

FID Bench:


#1 – (Budget set)
#2 – (expensive but high quality)

Barbell –

Free Weights –

Weighted Pull Up Belt –


EricFIT’s FULL BODY WORKOUT ROUTINE | 2019 | Strength + Aesthetics

Workout Routine

Your starting weight should allow you to have enough energy for about 2 more reps at the end of your set. If you can barely complete 8 reps lower the weight.

Incline Bench
3 sets x 8 Reps

Bent Over Barbell Row
3 sets x 8 Reps

3 sets x 8 Reps

Pull Ups
3 Sets x 8 Reps

3 sets x 8 Reps
Isolation Movements

Incline Curls
Lateral Raises
Tricep Extension

Rest time
2:30-3:00 on compound movements
1:00-1:30 on Isolation

Add reps to a tleast 1 set every session. Once you reach 8 reps on all sets add weight and start back with 5 Reps.

If you’re unable to progress, make sure you’re eating, sleeping and hydrating enough.

You can substitute bent over rows for deadlifts or RDL’s.

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This routine is basic but its all you really need to build a good foundation and aesthetic physique. If you want to focus on strength, lift heavier weights for less reps.