30 Day Fat Burning Home Workout challenge | Day One

30 Day Fat Burning Home Workout challenge | Day One


You asked, we’ve delivered.

Welcome to day one of our 30-day fat-burning home workout challenge.

For workout videos that will help you burn some serious fat, torch the calories and target your whole body in just ten minutes, look no further.

Personal trainer to the stars Svava Sigbertsdottir, creator of The Viking Method is about to take us all on a 30 day workout challenge journey that has been created with you and your busy lives in mind.

For the next 30 days Svava will be guiding us through quality and challenging exercises that really burn the fat and strengthen the core, think burpees, squats, walking planks, bunny hops, kicks and core rotation.

Head Viking Svava is the perfect person to take you on this challenge with her no-nonsense approach to fitness that delivers the results you are looking for in the simplest way possible. Plus, Svava is a big fan of home workouts herself, take a look at her Instagram @thevikingmethod

Oh and she’s helped sculpt the bodies of Nicole Scherzinger and Amanda Holden – so she’s one to listen to.


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