90 Day Body Transformation | Time Lapse + Before & Afters

90 Day Body Transformation | Time Lapse + Before & Afters

How much could you transform your body in just 90 days?

I’ve included throughout this video an (almost) daily time lapse showing my body transformation across the 90 days.

Every month this channel I do 30 day challenges but for this challenge I thought it would be useful to extend the challenge to 90 days for a more significant result.

If you want to download EVERYTHING I did throughout the month in terms of nutrition and workout program I have upload it all here:

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The Max Hertan channel is about challenging yourself to live a fulfilled life. There are three components to the channel.
1 ► Monthly challenges that range from learning skateboarding, salsa dancing, stand up comedy or more important life skills like meditation, building a business or body building.
2 ► Interviews with some of the most interesting and successful people that I can find across the world. Decoding their best ideas into short and engaging videos
3 ► Taking my life lessons and producing the content I wished was out there when I was getting started.

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I’m a entrepreneur who is obsessed with learning and wants to make a positive change in the world. I’ve built up 2 successful companies:
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I’m on a mission to continue to learn, be happy & create positive change in the world.