Beyond Fitness – Kettlebell Challenge with Sophie Francis and Matthijs Schreurs #28

Beyond Fitness – Kettlebell Challenge with Sophie Francis and Matthijs Schreurs #28

Beyond Fitness

Probably many of you have heard about the physical and mental health challenges that come with the international touring schedule.
Sophie Francis had a purpose this year: to improve her overall health and balance, finding ways to work out and eat healthy wherever she is.
While doing this, we decided to share it with you all in the form of a weekly vlog.

Beyond Fitness is an inspirational lifestyle vlog presented by the international DJ Sophie Francis and good friend of the show, Mens health model, and personal trainer Matthijs Schreurs. @fitenhealthy With Beyond Fitness we want to inspire people with ideas to work out while having fun and to eat healthy with delicious and easy recipes.

In the weekly chapters, we show how Sophie Francis and Matthijs Schreurs work out together in different places, giving ideas with accessible exercises to improve health and overall life balance.

This is not a fitness girl story, its a 20 years old female DJ that travels the world performing at festivals and clubs all the year-round, with a huge drive and passion for music, with an amazing amount of energy and a very hectic schedule.
We all are aware of the great stress that artists suffer on the road due to many factors: Jet Lag, lack of sleep, energetic demand, psychological demand of the industry, social pressure, adrenaline ups and downs from being with crowds of thousands to be alone in their hotel room, food in planes, airports, hotels… many challenges for our well-being!!
To stay physical and mentally healthy, to eat well and to work out are the key.

We want to show you that you can work out while having fun and you don’t need to take yourself too seriously. Focus on appreciating and respecting what your body can do!!
Eat well, hydrate, exercise regularly…

Every Thursday we will be posting a weekly episode with ideas to workout with friends in different locations, and once a month some easy and delicious recipe!!

Beyond Fitness is not a professional fitness program but a lifestyle vlog providing inspirational ideas.

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