Challenging Ab Workout: The Two-Minute Hard Core Abs Workout

Challenging Ab Workout: The Two-Minute Hard Core Abs Workout

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So, you’ve mastered the basic crunch variations and now you’re looking for something to give your core a little more of a challenge. Good. Now give this workout a try. It’s only two minutes, but it’s two minutes of core exercises that will push you all the way through. Can you complete the full two minutes?

Maybe you’ll look at the title and think that two minutes isn’t enough, but if you focus on engaging your core muscles throughout every rep you’re going to feel the burn.

Here are the four ab exercises you will do for 30 seconds each with no rest in between:

1) Double Crunch
2) Cross Crunch
3) Rope Climb
4) Corkscrews

Throw this workout in at the end of your regular exercises routines to end your workout sessions looking “Hard Core”.

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