Complete Leg Workout – Over 60 Men (ADVANCED)

Complete Leg Workout – Over 60 Men (ADVANCED)

Due to popular demand, from my video – ‘Is it possible to build muscle after 60?’, here is a complete ADVANCED workout for building muscle over 60.

Leg training is extremely important for your health and longevity. Not only can it help you prevent injuries but having strong legs can help you perform your everyday activities. If you haven’t done the beginner and intermediate workouts yet, go back and check them out:

Intermediate Leg Workout Over 60

Complete Leg Workout Over 60 ADVANCED (MONDAY

Warm-Up (Watch The Videos Below)

Smith Machine Squat 10-12 Reps
Barbell RDL 10-12 Reps
(4 Rounds)

Alternate Lunge 10-12 Reps
Stability Ball Leg Curl 12-15 Reps
(3 Rounds)

Step-Ups 15-20 Reps
Single-Leg RDL 15-20 Reps
(3 Rounds)

Watch These Warm-Up Videos

Upper-Body Warmup:
Lower-Body Warmup:

Straight from Boomer Fitness located in Vancouver, WA, this fitness workout is IDEAL for men & women over the age of 40!

Come join fitness expert, Brian Stecker as he shows you the best fitness workout that he gives his clients, both men & women over the age of 40!

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