I Ate Like TIGER SHROFF For A Day || fitmanjeet

I Ate Like TIGER SHROFF For A Day || fitmanjeet

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Hey Guys! This is FitManjeet and I’m here with a new video “I ATE LIKE TIGER SHROFF FOR A DAY!”
You all know Tiger Shroff very well. He’s a huge celebrity of Bollywood and along with that he’s famous for his great physique and fitness. To maintain his superhero physique Tiger has to follow a strict diet plan. So I thought why don’t I try what he eats and let you know my experiences.
Meal 1st (Breakfast: 8am)
Tiger takes his 1st meal i.e. breakfast around 8am. For a healthy start Tiger keeps his breakfast but that is rich in protein and fiber. Tiger takes 8 egg whites with oatmeal. So I also ate the same having 50gm of oats and 250ml or one glass of milk having the nutritional value of 9gm Fats, 47gm Carbs and 46gm Protein.
Meal 2nd (Mid-Morning Snack-12pm)
Tiger takes meal 2nd around 12pm. In this meal he takes dry fruits with whey protein. I found in my research that Tiger keeps taking dry fruits in between his meals and drinks a lot of water to keep his body hydrated. So like Tiger I took 30gm of dry fruits containing cashews, raisins and almonds 10gm each. As you guys know I keep trying new whey proteins and review them for you. So this time I tried Redscience nutrition whey protein. I take 1 scoop of the whey protein which equals to 40gm. The nutritional value of this meal is 11gm fats, 13gm carbs and 34gm protein.
Meal 3rd (Lunch-2:30pm)
Tiger takes meal no. 3rd around 2:30pm. In this meal he takes brown rice with boiled chicken or boiled fish. He also takes boiled vegetables. So I have taken 150gm boiled chicken, 200gm brown rice and 2 cup of boiled vegetables. The nutritional value of this meal is 9gm fats, 80gm carbs and 47gm protein.
Meal 4th (Snack/Post-Workout meal-5pm)
Tiger takes meal 4th around 5pm i.e. snack aur his post-workout meal because after that he goes to gym or his martial art class. Tiger takes Whey Protein in this meal. So I take 1 scoop of Redscience nutrition whey protein weighing 40gm. After this I go to gym.
Meal 5th (Dinner-10pm)
Meal 5th i.e. the last one Tiger takes it around 10pm. In this meal Tiger takes Fish with boiled green beans or boiled broccoli. So guys I take 200gm boiled fish with 2 cup of boiled green beans. This meal have the nutritional value of 3gm fats, 15gm carbs and 37gm Protein.
Tiger consumes almost 33gm fats, 155gm carbs and 190gm protein in the whole day.
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