5:10 – Do you think is a good strategy for off season 5 meals with 50 gr carbs and the 6 meal protein fat and veggies, or better all the 6 meals with 40 gr carbs? Workout in morning after breakfast .
7:03 – Staying on vs how long till going back to TRT?
9:20 – Dave’s HONEST thoughts on the wellness division.
12:21 – Dave’s thought’s on Big Ramy and his sunken in cheeks.
17:31 – Is Dave still coaching Zack King Khan? If so, when will he compete next?
18:50 – Lee Priest’s offseason shape.
20:38 – Tips for first timer doing back to back IFBB pro shows within 2 weeks.
22:20 – 6’6 – should I pursue bodybuilding or powerlifting?
24:09 – Training splits/intensity and how they affect each different individual.
27:34 – Solving serious digestive issues.
30:53 – Sensitive kidneys, safe to dry out with vitamin c and water?
32:47 – Entering cutting phase – brown rice or white rice?
33:34 – Dropping test if I don’t “a-tise” well?
35:15 – Bringing up weak bodyparts – training volume, sets, sessions, etc.
37:24 – Thoughts on “blood flow restriction” training.
38:55 – Dave’s best chicken recipe.

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